Painters in Newport

People looking for budget-friendly commercial painting solutions in Newport can contact Fannings Painting and Decorations. We have been renovating and decorating homes for more than 20 years. The size and shape of your home doesn’t really matter. Yes, you heard that right. No matter how big or small your house is, we will paint it, decorate it, and make it look beautiful.

It goes pretty much without saying that the house you live in is a long-term investment. You live in it and then pass it on to your future generations. In all fairness, you do not inherit a house from your parents, you borrow it from your children. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take good care of the house you live in.

At Fannings, we provide you economical commercial painting and decorating solutions to add a tinge of freshness to your house. Those planning to build new houses can get in touch over a phone call. The work we do is heavy-duty, which means it will stay with you for years to come. Also, the rates we charge won’t end up creating a hole in your pocket.

House Painting Newport

Quite frankly, you will find a lot of house painters in Newport. Traditionally, house painters in Newport tend to charge a lot of money, but not any more. With Fannings Painting and Decoration, you can now stop worrying about home renovations and painting. We have a team of veterans at our disposal. These people will ensure that all your painting and renovation jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.

You will be happy to note that we undertake both interior and exterior painting jobs. The prices we charge are lesser than those charged by our competitors. You won’t find a better commercial painting solution in Newport. (We give you our word on this). Call us today if you wish to get painting and renovation work done. Also, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Why You Should Hire Us for House Painting in Newport

  • The rates we quote are cheaper than those quoted by our competitors
  • We emphasise on quality
  • Deadlines form the heart and soul of all the work that we undertake
  • Budget-friendly painting solutions
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Project delivery would be quick

About Newport

Newport is a beach-side suburb in North Sydney that attracts a lot of tourists every year. Beach lovers and watersport goers cannot afford to ignore the place. Of late, a lot of people are planning to buy a holiday home of sorts in Newport. The suburb has been on everybody’s wishlist. As a result, the region’s real estate sector has witnessed a boom in recent times. If you are a person that absolutely loves the beach, then you can plan to get a house b

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"Your teams have done several jobs for us. Not only are they genuinely lovely people they are also expert painters. They have taken on a difficult project for us - damp issues and also previously incompetent work. So happy with what they have delivered.

Mark Davis
Mark Davis

"Fannings Painting is an outstanding company to do business with! They stand behind their guarantee and have friendly and hard-working employees on staff. We are VERY happy and would recommend this company to anyone looking to have quality workmanship! Thanks a Million!"

Mike Dean
Mike Dean

"The reason why I chose Fannings Painting was due to his effort in explaining what was involved in his quote which ended up being more comprehensive than his competitors which in turn gave me the confidence in proceeding with Neil."

Lou Scuteri
Lou Scuteri

"Fannings Painting are our preferred painting team due to their professionalism and quality workmanship. Specializing in property repaints prior to auction. They deliver professional results on schedule and come strongly recommended".

John Morello
John Morello